Tuesday, May 17, 2016

My review and family playthrough of Marshmallow Fight

Welcome to another written review from yours truly. This time I cover Marshmallow Fight, created by Dave Wilde https://www.facebook.com/dave.wilde3?fref=ts

What is all this fluffiness about?

So we have a game here about stunts performed with marshmallows. In completing these stunts successfully, you are awarded points. The first person to reach 10 points wins the game! (One exception where if the Fast Attack card is drawn, you are to grab a marshmallow and throw it at one player, if you hit the player in the forehead you get 2 points, but if they somehow catch it in their mouth they automatically win the game regardless of score)

What is in the box?

You get one set of instructions, 1 thirty second timer, 36 stunt cards, and 50 plastic scoring tokens.

What do you need?

You need three to six marshmallow loving people  a coffee cup (or something similar, and one bag of 10 oz marshmallows.

PLEASE NOTE: The first review was my wife and I playing a 2 player game, in which we had no problems, and are going to be playing it with out two children (ages 7 and 5) tonight, so we are considering the miniature marshmallows for smaller hands.

WARNING: As we learned last night, DO NOT have anything nearby that can spill, also don't have your dog near by if she likes to eat what hits the floor!

How do you set this up?

First take the 36 stunt cards and shuffle them, then place them face down on the table where all the players can reach them. Make sure that you then take the marshmallows, open them, and try to make sure everyone has reach to all of them. Make sure the scoring tokens, timer, and the coffee cup ( or the like) are near everyone's reach as well.

How does a turn play out?

Each person is going to draw a card from the deck and it is revealed to all players. The player then has a choice of either attempting the stunt or passing. If you choose to try, then you go through the attempt and if successful you gain the points according to the text on the card. If you fail the attempt or pass your turn is then over. The next player goes following a clockwise manner.

What are the stunts?

The Pyramid: You have 30 seconds to build a single wall of marshmallows in the shape of a pyramid. For every row you have above the base layer that holds for 3 seconds you score a point. So I have three marshmallows as the base, on top of it I have two as the next row, and one more on top of the the two, and it holds for three seconds, then I score 2 points (as I have two rows above the base layer).

Stack Em!: You stack marshmallows in a single column, and for every two you score a point. Say I have four stacked on top of each other, then I receive 2 points (4/2 =2). You have 30 seconds to do this.

Shoot n score: Aim for the cup, must be an arm's length away, and can't fully extend your arm in the attempt. If you get the marshmallow in the cup you get 2 points.

Goal Post: (same as paper football) you set up your fingers and thumbs to create a goal post, and if the player who attempts manages to flick the marshmallow through they receive 2 points.

Mouth Toss: You have 30 seconds to toss a marshmallow into the air and catch it in your mouth. You receive 3 points for this if you complete it. Please don't return it once it has been in your mouth!

Chin Chomp: (THE TOUGH ONE) You have 30 seconds to tip your head back, place a marshmallow on your chin, and move your chin to get the marshmallow in your mouth. You receive 3 points if you are successful.

The Choice Card: (has a question mark on it) You can choose any stunt except the Fast Attack or Marshmallow Fight to perform. The follow the text for whatever stunt you choose.

Fast Attack: This can't be passed, and you must as quickly as possible grab a marshmallow and hit one of the opponents in the forehead. Doing so gives you 2 points. If they somehow catch it in their mouth they automatically win the game regardless of score!

Marshmallow Fight: If this is drawn, everyone grabs marshmallows and OPEN FIRE! Once all the ammo is used up the players vote on who waged the Marshmallow Fight the best, the player voted will receive two points, and the person who drew the card receives one point. You are not allowed to vote for yourself. ( For our game we split the points from the vote, being two players).

If more than one person hits or goes over 10 points at the same time then you check tie breaker conditions. Highest score wins, and if there is a tie for highest score then the Marshmallow Duel takes place! There is a vote taken by those not part of the duel deciding who won the duel, once all the ammo is used up.

So what was it all like for us?

-Good, solid components!
-We both ate marshmallows both during the rules and the gameplay!
-We played a best of three
Game One: Steph had 11, I had 4
Game Two: Steph had 5, I had 10
Game Three: Steph had 5, I had 12
-You really need to make sure the dog is not in the room!
-This is a great late night party game!
-This is a fluff game, pun intended!
-The chin chomp is insane!
-This is the game to play when you are in desperate need of a laugh...or when you are hungry!
-I laughed hard enough to burn off the calories from all the marshmallows I just ate!
-The Marshmallow Fight Card is like a bag of marshmallows exploding!
-All of our games were finished in ten minutes or less!
-Hitting my hubby in the forehead with a marshmallow on the fast attack was awesome!
-Watching someone chin chomp is like watching a dog try to eat peanut butter!
-It was fun, now I feel sick from all the marshmallows I ate!
-Mop the floor before playing!
-The components were perfect for the game!


This is a great game to have around, when you just need to blow off some stress! This is going to be easily both a family game, and a party game, all in one! I recommend this to anyone who any of this applies to!

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Thank you so much to Dave Wilde, and to all of you wonderful people taking the time to check this out!

Keep Gaming On!

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