Tuesday, May 17, 2016

My review and family playthrough of Unicorn Glitterluck (Unicorns In The Clouds)

Telling you about the game:

This is a die rolling, family friendly game that can be two to four players. You pick a Unicorn (Glitterluck, Stardust, Marvel Flower and Magic Heart are the four to choose from) to move through a 26 cloud space track that has rainbows, presents, and colorful art.The winner of this game will not necessarily be the first one to the finish as you want to be the one with the most cloud crystals when someone or yourself has reached the finish line.

You have two dice that are used. The first one is the movement die (d6), this has two sides that have one cloud each, two sides that have two clouds each, one side that has three clouds, and the last side has a cupcake. You move whatever amount of clouds you roll, otherwise if you roll a cupcake your unicorn stops to take a break and eat the cupcake (no move for that turn). Who knew unicorns eat cupcakes? The second die is when you land on a cloud that has a crystal marking on it, because you then get to roll this die. This die is a d6 that has three sides with one crystal each, two sides that have two crystals each, and the last side has three crystals. You get as many crystals as you have rolled. If you land on a cloud with a present on it, you give one crystal from the bank to any player at the table (my family normally gives this one to the person who has the lowest amount). If you land on a cloud that has no markings on it, nothing happens. If you land on a cloud that is at the start of a rainbow, you immediately get to move to the cloud at the end of the rainbow(you can never move backwards in the game for any reason). The first person who gets to the end receives a finishing bonus of four crystals. 

What do you get in the game?

You have the game board, that is made up of three parts, as one side is the cloud and rainbows track, and the other side is to help anyone who might have a hard time counting their crystals (young or old) by having four cloud tracks that go up to twenty spaces for players to lay out their crystals and know exactly how many they have. You have 1 yellow unicorn (Stardust), 1 purple unicorn (Marvel Flower), 1 turquoise unicorn (Magic Heart), and 1 pink unicorn (Glitterluck). You have the two dice already previously described. The game instructions and 60 cloud crystals are included as well. The instructions are in English, German, French, and Spanish, at least for the copy I am describing to you.

The latest playthrough by my family and I:

-Dad finished first and ended up with 7 crystals
-Our daughter Talia won with 10 crystals as she was three spaces away from the end
-Mom had 3 crystals and she was four spaces away from the end
-Our son Arnold had 5 crystals and was eleven spaces away from the end

Stats from the game board:

-26 spaces from start to finish
-3 spaces move you ahead via rainbows
-9 spaces allow you to roll for cloud crystals
-3 spaces have you give out a cloud crystal to someone else
-13 spaces have no effect
-the final space gives you four crystals if you are the first one there

Final Thoughts:

This is a light family friendly game that encourages and supports little ones gaining an understanding of game rules, game movement, dice rolls, and collecting resources. The game takes a warm turn not only through its family friendly nature (unicorns,rainbows,presents, bright warm colors, and pretty see-through crystals)but also encouraging players to decide who they will give crystals to.

The game plays in about twenty minutes with little ones, and is a great way to get your children to the table, and spend valuable family time with them. The age listing is 3 to 99, and our little ones are 7 and 5, so this game holds true to its claims.

This is a must have for those families who want to be at the table with their young ones, who seek a quick game so as not to bog everyone down, and is very cheerful to those who play it. If you seek any of these things then this game is for you!

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All the best,

Jason Elliott (PaladinElliott)

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