Friday, May 20, 2016

Chasing Your Dreams, and the cost...

So hello to all of you wonderful people out there,

I thought I would share some of the costs of chasing my dream about being a Game Consultant. I shall indulge you if you allow me.

First, the money involved can add up. I use my Canon Pixma MG5220 a lot, and seven days ago the cyan stopped printing. I went through all the trouble shooting, light head cleaning, deep head cleaning, pulling out the print head and cleaning the whole thing (minus the electronic chips) with distilled water. Nothing. I went through all the different procedures, and all of the troubleshooting printouts, and again nothing. I broke down and ordered a new printhead straight from Canon, and they waved my shipping fee when I explained that we have their product only, and for years. I also explained that I was aware of the class action lawsuit that ended against them in December of last year, and that my model was on the list of faulty models concerning print heads. The piece arrived today, and is working fine (so far). Total damage, lost 1 week of productivity, and $97.00 USD.

Second, taking advice from my Therapist, to "invest in the relationships that invest in you", I found that I quickly became aware of the people who do versus those who don't. I found that three people over the last 6 weeks fell into the category of not investing in me. These three, as time went on seemed more resistant, apathetic, or in the case of one of them immediately referred that I treat my friends as a play test group and nothing more.

My biggest mistake, wasn't thinking that I could be great at something, but that it is was possible to bring my gaming friends along. I assure you I have paid dearly for that mistake, because I will warn all of you that there are people you know that will not (whether directly or indirectly) want to be around you or support you in succeeding. It is almost as if some will want you to stay at your level and not move up.

So, tonight please chase your dreams, chase the games you want to play, chase down the time to spend with people, and be warned that some will not help you in pursuit. Don't be angry with them, though you will be upset, just invest in those who will support you chasing your dreams.

Until next time,

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