Tuesday, May 24, 2016

A Session Report on Tesla vs Edison: The Powering Up Expansion by PaladinElliott

Hello again everyone, 

This is PaladinElliott from Ready To Game bringing you a playtest session between my wife Stephanie and myself. I will first start with the details of the game and then a summary to follow.

Events of the Game:

Grosvenor P. Lowery Phase 1
Electorlier Phase 1 to me
Allan Pinkerton Phase 2
Gerlach Hotel Phase 2 to Steph
Panic of 1893 Phase 3
Pullman Strike Phase 3 to me

Propaganda of the Game:

James Garfield Phase 1 to me
First Electric Christmas Tree Lights Phase 1 to Steph
Sarah Bervhardt Phase 1 to Steph
Dash Phase 2
Whoever Cries First Loses! Phase 2
Chester Arthur Phase 2
Benjamin Harrison Phase 3 to me
Westinghoused Phase 3 to Steph
The First Of A Race Of Robots Phase 3 to Steph

I had:

Score: 35+6+10+4=55
I was Thomas A. Edison
1-Sarah E. Goodie
2-Josephine Cochrane
2-Mary Anderson

I had all of these built:
Laboratory-Menlo Park, Works-West Orange, Office-Jay Gould, Studio-Medico-Legal Society

I had my Preferred Stock + 3 Edison Stock

Steph had:

Points 36+5+5+6+6= 58

She was Madam CJ Walker

She had:
1-Edmonia Lewis
1-Fannie Farmer
2-Thomas W. Lawson

She had built these three:
Laboratory-Royalties Contract, Works-640 North West St., Office-Glen Eyre

I had knocked out her fourth build:
Studio-Franklin Institute

She had her preferred stock + 2 Walker stock + 1 Edison stock

The Company Fame and AC/DC Fame ended like this:
Steph at 4 for Present and Future
myself at 5 for Present and Future
AC-1 stock, DC +2 Stock

my stock value on the board was 34, and hers was 52

My Technologies were: AC II + Patent, III + Patent, Bulb 3 + Patent, DC II

Her Technologies were: AC I , Bulb II + Patent, Bulb III, DC II + Patent, III + Patent

My projects were: Lynn (1), Providence (2), Worcester (2), and Montreal (2)

Steph has these projects: Albany (1), Rochester (3), Scranton (2), Menlo Park (1), New York City (3), and Newark (3)

The summary:

Steph struck first on Projects, which set the tempo of the game. I found she was moving constantly one step ahead of me, as I was moving methodically and she was capitalizing on that. She also push stock values up, so she was drawing in more through profits. She surprised me with her unexpected quiet skill in this session. She should be very proud of herself in her first playtest of this game with the expansion! I found that I was always in a position of her action, and my reaction, and it got me in the end, even being able to knock out one part of her headquarters!

I will not underestimate her again.

Thanks for reading about what happened in this playtest session!

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