Monday, July 24, 2017

A Review and Commentary with ordering from Roxley Game Laboratory

A Review and Commentary with ordering from Roxley Game Laboratory

By: Jason Elliott from PaladinElliott Productions

So, I was very happy with Roxley up until a recent order. I backed their Santorini Kickstarter back in March of 2016. It is an amazing game, with all of its Stretch Goals, and I could not speak more highly of how they run their Kickstarter projects. So it has came as a complete shock in how they have been handling a order from their website.

On July 1st of this year, I placed an order for a Promo package (several different promos for different games), and I acknowledge that the Origins-GenCon time frame of summer can be not only hectic for myself, but for the Gaming Industry at large. That being said, if you expect any sort of delay in an order being fulfilled and shipped it should be marked as such on your website.

Two weeks after the order, I made a general inquiry on the status of fulfillment, and was told that shipping was on hold for an event know as Stampede Week. I was also told that most of their day jobs were crazy at that point. I am sorry, but many of us do more than one thing, we work more than one job. Yes, I am Retired from the Army, but along with running everything for PaladinElliott Productions (other than editing), I also drive for Amazon, so I get it. You need to be up front about such things, as I am a paying customer, I should not have to track you down to find out what is going on, and then be given a list of things (that could be viewed by anyone as a list of excuses) as to why the order hasn't been fulfilled, let alone shipped.

So, trying to be patient, I give it a few more days, and a week later (July 21st) I receive a notification that my order will ship soon. It doesn't say when, it doesn't say it has shipped, it doesn't have tracking. So as of today July 24th, I still have no idea it has shipped. I contacted Roxley on the 21st to make note that I would leave this as a review of ordering from them, and that it is my belief that they have been very unprofessional in how they handle orders from their online store.

I received a message from their Community Manager of Logistics (Paul Saxberg) acknowledging they messed up, and that this is not the level of service they strive for, so an apology was given. That being said, I still don't know if and when I am going to see my order, and I only have the words to go on that in the future, these delays will be reflected in new shipping estimates on their website.

So, in closing, be warned when you order from Roxley Game Laboratory, that if time is an issue, as it has been in my case, you might want to contact them first before sending any money, and know there are better companies out there when it comes to placing internet orders.

Roxley Game Laboratory: Great at Kickstarters, Terrible at web store orders.

Wishing everyone out there the best,


RET. SSG Jason L. Elliott
Creator & Owner
PaladinElliott Productions

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